Mwambani School of Nursing is one of the faith based organizations owned by the Roman Catholics Church in Mbeya Diocese.

Mwambani School of Nursing offers Nursing and Midwifery Diploma Courses to In-Service Nurses and Midwifes.

Mwambani School of Nursing, formally was a Maternal and child Health Aides School of nursing owned by Ministry of Health. Then it was closed in 1998 by the Ministry of health. In 2000 the Bishop of Mbeya Diocese corresponded with the Ministry and it was agreed to open the school. In March 2005 it was agreed to open an upgrading course for in service nurses.
Mwambani School of Nursing is situated in Mbeya Region Chunya District, kwimba division and Kwimba ward. It is about 100 kms from Mbeya city.

Mwambani School of Nursing has enough number of Trainers and Resources needed to help our students pursue Diploma in Nursing.

Currently our school accept In-Service Nurses and Midwives with atleast Two years In-Service experience.

In addition to having good Laboratories and well stocked library the school is built within Mwambani hospital and we are proud that our Students gets daily practical experience of dealing with patients.

Electricity, Water and good hostels are available to all our Students. The learning environment is calm and attractive to help you get maximum concentration.

We warmly welcome you to Mwambani School of Nursing for a wonderful learning experience.