Mwambani School of Nursing is one of the faith based organizations owned by the Roman Catholics Church in Mbeya Diocese. Formally it was a Maternal and child Health Aides School of nursing owned by Ministry of Health. Then it was closed in 1998 by the Ministry of health. In 2000 the Bishop of Mbeya Diocese corresponded with the Ministry and it was agreed to open the school. In March 2005 it was agreed to open an upgrading course for in service nurses.

Mwambani School of Nursing is situated in Mbeya Region Chunya District, kwimba division and Kwimba ward. It is about 100 kms from Mbeya city. A travel to Mwambani starts from Zambia -Tanzania road in Mbeya city.
Branches at Mbalizi town via Utengule mountains 90kms to Mkwajuni village. The school is within Mwambani Hospital campus which is situated in Mkwajuni village.

The official Nursing School allocated area is Kwimba Division which estimated to carry out total Population of 200,000 people. The following wards fall under the Nursing School Catchments area: Mkwajuni, Mwambani, Saza, Ngwala, Kapalala, Gua, Mbangala